SOJAM provides insecticidal and pest control solutions to professionals for 70 years.

SOJAM is a new name in the professional markets, but it has already been a long story in the service of cereal players and the French retailers since the creation in 1953 of the CGI – Compagnie Générale des Insecticides …

1st french supplier for stored grain protection

As the French pioneer in insecticide protection for stored grain, our group has formulated, designed, produced and marketed agrochemical solutions and equipments for the grain market since 1966. Its solid technological, logistical and business development experience is founded on a major innovation: cold fogging.

Partner of Specialized Stored

(DIY, Garden Centers, Drugstores & Agricultural self serves)

An expert in biocidal products & pest control products, our group has also been highly active on the retail market since 1987, with attractive brands in speciality stores in the garden section.

Partner of Hypermarkets and Supermarkets

Under the same brand declined in 4 ranges in the shelves Garden hypermarkets and supermarkets, SOJAM celebrated in 2018 its 25th year of partnership in the service of large food surfaces ...