Our business expertise

Our mission is the protection of stored grains and people against pests. We want to provide our clients with high-performance and tailor-made solutions, in order to provide them with quality service and to develop long-term partnerships.

Strengh of experience

French leader and pioneer of the insecticidal protection of stored grains, our group formulates, designs, produces and markets since 1954 agrochemical and material solutions for cereal markets. A force of technological, logistic and commercial experience developed from a major innovation: cold fogging. The reasons for this success, today exported to Eastern Europe via our subsidiaries SOJAM UA and SOJAM UK: a response adapted to all the needs of the sector, with a supply of tailor-made equipment and effective formulations which reconciles efficiency, food safety and competitiveness.

Expert in household pest control products since 1987, our group was the first to successfully market its range of household products in the gardening section of specialist stores and then of hyper and supermarkets. This was a strategic turning point, impressing mass-retail professionals with an effective commercial offer. We occupy five complementary market segments in the gardening section: insecticides, repellents, rodent control, fire-lighting products and cleaning.

Solutions mainly manufactured in France, promoted by a highly competitive sales force and logistics department for complete customer satisfaction.

The proposed offer:

   • Biocidal products: Insecticides, rodenticides, repellents.

   • Pest control products : Ultrasonic repellents, traps, etc.

   • Fire products: BBQ lighter, insert cleaner.

As an expert in electronic pest repellents, SOJAM continues to grow by developing alternative solutions through the acquisition of PEST CONTROL EUROPE in 2014, a Belgian company specializing in the manufacture and marketing of electronic repellent products. SOJAM has fresh potential for growth both in France and Internationally. This is a further guarantee of sustainable development in rapidly growing markets.

Protection of stored grains


• Over 60 years of post-harvest protection know-how with the most used technology in France.

• Insecticidal formulations & Registrations

• Production & quality control (CGI factory and laboratory).

• Tailor-made installation studies (CGI engineering).

• On-site assembly and assistance (field team).

• Preventive and curative maintenance.

Pest Control Products for consumers 


• 30 years of know-how and innovation.

• ACTO, leading brand in DIY shops.

• A range of eco-friendly products (40% of products).

• Effective pest control solutions.

• Products mainly manufactured in France.

Pest Control Europe

 • Marketing of electronic pest repellents:

    Ultrasonic repellents

    Vibration repellents / sound waves repellents

    UV Lamps

• Office and sourcing

Use biocidal products with care. Read the label and product information before use. Dangerous products: Observe the precautions for use.